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This is the site for photos taken at LHPS games, events, and other school activities.  All of the photos in these galleries are here for the enjoyment of our families, students, and friends.  There are two main groups of galleries. 

One is for for  games, events, and activities.  The photo files may be downloaded free of charge.  You may also order prints if you like.  Prices and sizes are shown on a menu on the right side of the photo pages.  With any print you also get the digital file to download.

  The second is for galleries of team and group photos.  These are the traditional posed photos of the teams and players if they chose to have had them taken.  They are available as prints which includes the digital download.

To get to the photo galleries click on the LHP monogram above.

Bob Gall, our photographer, manages the photos and this site.  If you have any questions or requests he would be glad to hear from you at:  [email protected]

Important Note: Any photographs taken by a LHPS photographer at a State Semifinal or Final game are governed by FHSAA usage rules, and those photographs can only be used by LHPS for it's publications.